Maple Family

A Natural source of antioxidants and minerals, Maple Sap has been used in hair care to help smooth strands.  Extracted from the sap of maple trees, maple syrup is one of the natural goodies of mother nature, especially when 100% pure.

Thanks to its antioxidants such as polyphenols, maple syrup regenerates the skin and hydrates it durably. The nutrients it contains prompts a mild enzymatic exfoliation that sublimates the hair, protecting it from dehydration and making them shine.

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Moringa Family


Living in the city puts us into a close daily contact with pollution and fine dust which is deposited on our scalp. All the harmful substances which are found in the atmosphere are absorbed by our hair. Through their outer cuticles the toxins deeply penetrate making our hair dull, weak and dry preventing its normal
transpiration and compromising its health.

The accumulation of polluting cells can also provoke hair loss and cutaneous irritations. Philip Martin’s has created the Moringa system composed by three products based on Moringa Oleifera seed extract mixed with Aloe Barbadensis extract, Viola Tricolor extract and Birch extract which deeply cleanse and hydrate both the hair and the scalp. These plants are considered “pollution catchers” for their capacity to absorb the toxins by enhancing their dermo- purifying and protective actions.

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Color Family

Color Conditioner "Color IT"

Color conditioner enriched by natural emollients such as Jojoba and Argan Oils and Shea Butter, in order to provide long-lasting colouring, to avoid the dryness of the hair, to modify the yellow tones, to brighten up the dull colours without damaging the structure of the hair. Contains no SLS, propylene glycol and Paraben.

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In Oud Family

Agarwood is said to calm the nervous system, expel negative energies, bring alertness, relieve anxiety, invoke a sense of strength and peace and enhance cerebral functioning. In Ancient Vedic tradition its said to bring energy to calm the mind and spirit and to provide motivation and the necessary devotion for meditation.

Philip Martin's has created a perfume extracted from the Agarwood resin and is a milestone in our perfume selection. A fascinating, sensual and mysteriously masculine fragrance which in an exceptional way blends with all the other extracts of the In Oud range.  The In Oud family gives to a senatorial experience composed by complementary products combined between each other in order to give an increasing sensation of pleasure.

Oud oil comes from the forests of Southeast Asian agar tree. When this wood becomes infected with a particular type of mold, the tree reacts by producing a dark, scented resin, which is popularly called liquid gold.  The most important part when extracting this essential oil is to ensure that the fungus inoculated in the tree is at least 8-12 years old.



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Opaco Family


Opaco is the new unisex scent with particular woody and amberish notes. A fragrance which is delicate, cocooning and unique.

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Canapa System

Removes oxidative stress from the hair. With a strong restructuring and regenerating action, it gives vitality and strength to the hair, purifying it. Washing becomes a wellness ritual, in which the senses are satisfied with the scent of wild nature. With a strong protective and strengthening action, the mask stimulates hair growth and intoxicates in a sensory journey that envelops you with the scent of wild nature.

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Luxury Personal Care

Experiencing unique moments for yourself and amongst other people. In full
compliance with its unique philosophy Philip Martin’s has created a range of
contemporary, necessary, precious and sophisticated personal care products.
Starting from the perfume, moving to a deodorant for a comfortable body
sensation and ending up to a toothpaste with infinite freshness. These are some
of the many elements that make up this range. Discover them, their surprising
and engaging sensations which could enhance your body talk.

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For Men

Made the mark, becoming UNFORGETTABLE

Different formulations for different needs. Every part of our body reacts to
external stimulus in different ways. This is why Philip Martin’s has created the
best possible solutions for taking care and treating well the body.

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Tommy Family

Babies and kids skin and hair should be cleaned with extreme delicacy.

These products and their formulas maintain a correct hydrolipidic surface pH preserving the natural skin’s barrier avoiding redness and irritation. The mission of Philip Martin’s is to look after its clients health and is the common goal that it has always aimed at during the creation of its products. This product range has been enriched by the Tommy’s Eco-Bio Toothpaste with a formula which makes it a perfect daily kids oral hygiene system which guarantees freshness and long lasting cleansing. The Strawberry version has a slightly sweet flavour and the Licorice Mint is characterized by a licorice-fresh mint flavour.

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