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Philip Martin's

In 2010 when Mauro Trimigliozzi founded Philip Martin's, he decided to give his company name by joining that of his two sons: Filippo and Martina. The third son, Tommaso, gives the name to the children's line "Tommy Baby". The future is enclosed in the logo: like the growth of the three children, Philip Martin's also has its gaze projected towards the future with an eye in the center between two intertwined hands. And today if you think about tomorrow, you think about the world. Each action results in another, in a long global virtuous cycle. Every essence of Philip Martin's is worldwide.



The Bio-Organic. The inebriating balance between nature and science in innovative, patented and certified plant formulas. Natural and active ingredients, sought after to make the product performant.


The Green. Bio-compatibility, respect for the environment and social responsibility are contained in the perfect combination of Bio-Organic active ingredients and Green chemistry. A union that makes each product effective, without the use of toxic substances.


Philip Martin's well-being is a journey in which the taste, smell and sensations that derive from it, lead the person to dream and relive unique moments. The pleasure that derives from it is the soul of the company's creations.


The pleasant moment, the well-being of your body and mind, the pride in looking in the mirror: Philip Martin's leads to luxury, intrinsic to each of us, with sublime blends.


Philip Martin's is not just a product, but a system that includes evolution, growth, competence, skill in an engaging way and with a strong personality. Formation, consultation, philosophy and the concept store are designed to make each path unique.

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